Wednesday, July 18, 2012


And now, for the thrilling conclusion to the Hookers and Hangers Blogfest....

I'm not going to lie to you --- I'm cheating a little. My hangers are not terribly, um, exciting, so I needed a few extra sentences to, you know, leave you hanging....

1) But there’s only one problem. My college plans aren’t the only thing I’ve lied about. The skeezy stalker guy? I’m lying about him, too.

2) Even in the synthetic blue glow of the television, she still looks pretty. For once, I don’t envy her beauty. She may have the looks, but I have the brains. And I’m smart enough not to fall for the wrong guy.
3) I wonder if I’ve really snagged a captive audience after all. Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe I’m the one who’s captivated. Because, at the moment, all I can do is stand here and wait for Calvin to touch me again.

And, because today is my 32nd birthday, have some cake:

And now I'm off to party like it's 1999....

Monday, July 16, 2012


Today I am participating in the Hookers and Hangers Blogfest, hosted by the lovely ladies at Falling for Fiction. And, before I get to my hookers (smile), let me plug this wonderful blog. Among the many great posts they feature, each Thursday they offer a critique of a sample of writing. So, if you would like a pair of eyes on your writing, surf over to their site for more info on how to submit a sample.

This blogfest is 2 fold: today participants are supposed to post the first line from 3 or more chapters of their WIP, and Wednesday participants will post the last line from 3 or more chapters. These opening lines come from my current contemporary YA novel, Accidentally Me.

I have a stalker.

I spend the better part of my Friday morning in the zoo’s small animal house with Lonestar, the nine-banded armadillo.

A waiting room is the perfect place to be assaulted by your guilt.

As I wait for Calvin in a booth at Starbucks, I can’t help thinking that there’s a certain poetry in ending this relationship where it began.

 The water tower rises from the ground like a gigantic spider.

 The wedding announcement arrives Tuesday without warning.

 I am stalking my stalker.

That's all for now folks! Now I'm off to check me out some more hookers...