Monday, October 24, 2011


Is it just me, or does maintaining a blog sometimes stress you out?

I am making an executive decision to start posting once a week. On Wednesdays. I'm hoping a schedule will help rid me of the anxiety I start to feel when I haven't posted in awhile.

What about you? Do you have a blogging schedule? If so, do you find it helpful?

Okay. Until Wednesday...


  1. Yay! I will look forward to Wednesdays. I love your posts.

    I keep a running list of post ideas and I write a weeks worth of posts on Sunday night.

  2. Blog keeping totally stresses me out. I understand completely. I just don't have anything of value to contribute to the blogosphere. I'm looking forward to your Wednesday posts.

  3. Wednesday is a good day to post, Kim. It's nice knowing to expect a post from you on Wednesdays, too. But don't feel pressure about it now you've decided. :)

  4. I have been surprised at feeling anxiety over not posting "frequently enough." I just try to remind myself to only post because I've got good things to say, not because it's been a certain number of days. Although, you may have to disregard all my counsel, because how many times did I hound you to post on Munster family? Sorry about that.

  5. Angie - That is an ingenious idea. I've wondered how you manage :)
    Curtis - Okay, really? Probably the stupidiest thing I've ever heard you say (saw you write). Whatever. Your blog posts are among the best I read.
    Suze - No pressure.
    Janel - Just because I'm posting once a week, definitely doesn't mean I have something good to say that often :)